The owners' inspiration, flavor, attitude, and even the name "Angry Owl" come from decades of experiences spent on a remote West Texas ranch. As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas - and that is true of the bold tastes found on the menu at the Angry Owl. Our grilled entrees are seasoned with the same blend of spices used on the open mesquite grills on the ranch. We've added a unique southwest twist on many traditional food favorites.

Our Name

The name Angry Owl is a tribute to a small owl that became irritated with a group of cowboys - as they sat around the campfire telling stories and imbibing in whiskey after a long day of work on the ranch. The owl, having to endure hours of tall tales and vulgar language, got its revenge by hooting and hollering while the cowboys tried to sleep, making for a restless night sleep. It wasn’t until the next evening when the cowboys went looking outside the bunkhouse to see what kept them up the night before. That's when they found a small elf owl. The following night, out of respect for the owl (and the desire for some shut eye), the cowboys kept their language clean and the whiskey to a short glass. Needless to say the cowboys enjoyed a good night sleep. And that, my friends, is how The Angry Owl got its name.

A Commitment to Service

The Angry Owl is a gathering place for all to enjoy great food, excellent service and friendship. El Paso is known for its friendly people and the Angry Owl is the perfect place to meet your friends, make new ones, and enjoy a great Southwest meal.